Multiplex Easy Star 2 Camera Carrier

After buying my Go Pro Hero 3 I wanted to attach it to my MPX Easy Star 2. I was looking for a method, which was firm, safe and removable(!), so I was able to use the plane without the weight of the Go Pro. Just like a stock Easy Star.

Having seen it on the internet, I wanted to replace the cockpit by a custom built camera carrier. This is what I did:

First I made a template from cardboard. From this forms I cut wooden pieces.

Construction of GoPro3 Carrier for EasyStar2


Construction of GoPro3 Carrier for EasyStar2Construction of GoPro3 Carrier for EasyStar2

Afterwords I glued the wooden pieces using two component epoxy resin.

IMG_0365After first flying I recognized the construction was not that stable. So I had to reinforce the base plate.


To fix the the carrier I took a Velcro strip, originally used for holding together skiers:

GoPro Carrier Velcro FixationIMG_0391 IMG_0389And here is a video I shot with this Go Pro Carrier and the MPX Easy Star 2.


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