GoPro Hero3 Black Edition – DIY Live Video Out Cable

After being interested in FPV and areal video. I wanted to use my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition as a video camera for FPV. I read about a special cable I had to buy, but on one hand it was pretty expensive and on the other hand it looked very bulky and heavy.

So I found and article of David Windestal, in which he describes how to build your own lightweight video out cable:
Thank you very much David!

All you need is a special proprietary 10 pin mini USB connector. Here is the plan how to connect the pins: (At your own risk of course!)

GoPro3-Video-Out Connection Plan

Having that read I ordered those proprietary 10 pin mini USB connectors from China.
And finally built it my own! 😉

Here are some pictures and a video below:


10 pin mini USB connector

10 pin mini USB connector

DIYGoProHero3VideoCable_1 DIYGoProHero3VideoCable 2 DIYGoProHero3VideoCable 3

And here is the first video:


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