Easy Race Lap Timer Image with working sound

Our FPV racing group „Aircrasher“ wanted to track our lap times. Therefore we decided to use Easy Race Lap Timer Pocket Edition (ERLT PE).  To track centralized multiple ERLT PEs we used a Raspberry 3.

After downloading and installing the easy race lap timer image v0.6.1 from here (www.easyracelaptimer.com/downloads/) for the Raspberry Pi 3, we noticed that it had problems with the sound output. We tried to get it working by patching the error. Unfortunately we couldnt’t fix the problem.

Having spent some hours on the ERLT Image I decided to build my own image from the scratch. And now sound output is working  🙂

EDIT: PDF export  isn’t working with this image. You have to execute this command on the ssh shell:

 sudo chmod +x /home/pi/EasyRaceLapTimer/web/bin/wkhtmltopdf

On the image you’ll find:
Raspbian Jessi – Link: www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/
Easy Race Lap Timer Version 0.5.2 – Link: github.com/polyvision/EasyRaceLapTimer
ERLT PocketEdition web driver v0.2 – Link: github.com/polyvision/ERLT_PE_DRIVER

I used the standard settings:

WIFI AccessPoint:
SSID: EasyRaceLapTimer
Password: 0123456789

Ethernet: DHCP

I configured the Raspi 3 as a router. So if internet is connected to eth0, Wifi users can access internet too.

User: pi
Password: raspberry

Web Interface:
User: admin@easyracelaptimer.com
Password: defaultpw

PocketEdition WebDriver

Here you can download my release of the image.
You’ll need a raspberry pi 3 and a micro sdcard ( at least 5 GB)


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