Quadcopter: Construction of the platform

For the contruction of the quadcopter’s platform I used the free 3D Software SketchUp by Google: www.sketchup.com

Quadcopter Platform SketchUp on Screen

Quadcopter Platform SketchUpQuadcopter Platform SketchUp 2 Quadcopter Platform SketchUp 3

As arms I used 1.5 cm square tubes and 1.5 mm GRP platter as sandwich platter:
– Aluminium square tubes from local store
– GRP Platter

To get two identical platters I glued the platters at the borders and cut out simultaneously the two platters.sandwich platter print 2 GRP platters attached for cutting sandwich platter before cutting sandwich platter first hole cut sandwich platter finishedAfter finishing the GRP platters I measured the square tubes and cut them to the same length. Now I drilled holes into platters an tubes to assemble the pieces finally.

QuadcopterPlatformScreenBehind QuadcopterPlatformCloseUp 1 QuadcopterPlatformCloseUp 2

Finally the platform is ready for installing the motors, ESCs and the ardupilot APM 2.5.

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