Multiplex Stuntmaster RR – Building Process

First some pictures of the box.

Multiplex Stuntmaster Box

Multiplex Stuntmaster Box

Everything is well and safely packed. The wing, fuselage and rudders are separated by styrofoam.

Multiplex Stuntmaster Contents Multiplex Stuntmaster Contents Multiplex Stuntmaster Contents

Multiplex Stuntmaster  Contents

And now the building process

The only thing needed for building is CA glue like Zacki by Multiplex, screw drivers and pliers.

First I attached the landing gear. Because I wanted to fly or better land the MPX Stuntmaster on both grass and flat ground, I didn’t use glue. Instead I just inserted the landing gear without any adhesives. Doing so I’m able to remove it when needed.

Multiplex Stuntmaster insterted the landing gearAfterwords the wing was inserted. Spanning only 87cm the wing is just one piece. Multiplex did a good job pre-assembling the plane: the right aileron horn is already glued in. So I had to slide the wing into the fuselage from right to left  and stick it in place.  Then the left aileron horn is glued in.

Multiplex Stuntmaster RR - Wing inserted

Now the elevator is glued in the same way.

Multiplex Stuntmaster - elevtor in place

Before the rudder can be installed a little fill piece must be stuck in.

Multiplex Stuntmaster - Fill piece

Next step is installing the rudder. Add some CA to the pre-attached hinges to fix the rudder in the slots on the fuselage.

Multiplex Stuntmaster - Rudder Multiplex Stuntmaster - Rudder

Now it’s time to stabilize the wing and the elevator. Elapor supports are glued to the bottom side of the wing to reinforce the wing braces. Similar braces are used to stabilize the tailplane from the bottom.

Multiplex Stuntmaster - supports bottom of wing

Multiplex Stuntmaster - braces on bottom of wing Multiplex Stuntmaster - braces on bottom of wing Multiplex Stuntmaster - braces on bottom of wing

To finish the plane ailerons, elevator and rudder are connected to the pre-installed servos. The rudder can be connected in two ways: using pull-cables or a pushrod installed on the ailerons and the elevator. I used the pushrod as it is much easier to attach.

The brushless motor was already installed, so the last thing to do is attach the propeller. To do that I pushed the little metal adapter ring into the back side of the prop. The prop now fitting perfectly onto the motor is attached via a rubber ring to the installed prop-saver.

Here is the finished plane on the bench …

Multiplex Stuntmaster on the bench

… and after the first flight.
Multiplex Stuntmaster - after the first flight


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